Since 1997, our certified driving professionals have provided Illinois residents with the skills and confidence to be the safest drivers on the road. From defensive driving techniques to basic car maintenance we provide an array of driving services catered to every need, ages 15 and above.

It is our mission to provide individuals with the highest level of driver education to ensure our roads and highways are safe for all users. When you complete our program, you will be confident behind the wheel no matter what situations or obstacles you may face. It is our emphasis on safety, meticulous instruction, and commitment to you that has allowed us to continue creating the best Illinois drivers since 1997.

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Contact Information

Batavia Classroom
34 N. Island Ave, Suite E
Batavia, IL 60510
Call or Text: 630-879-7700
Fax: 201-357-1100

Bartlett Classroom
348 S. Main St
Bartlett, IL 60103
Call or Text: 630-837-7700

Marmion Academy Classroom*
1000 Butterfield Rd
Aurora, IL 60502
* Marmion Academy and Rosary Students Only

Batavia Office Hours

Mon, Tue, Thu
- -
Fri - Sun
Appointment Only

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